Shortcut Table

Documentation for all the shortcuts of everpano 3D


key Binding Command Description
⇧⌘L ⇧ Ctrl L Add line Create a new vertical line
⇧⌘A ⇧ Ctrl A Add point Given a vertical line add new vertex
⇧⌘D ⇧ Ctrl D Duplicate line Duplicate an existent line with all it's possible vertex
⇧⌘P ⇧ Ctrl P Add polygon Create a polygon by clicking on the vertex of the vertical lines
⇧⌘V ⇧ Ctrl V Add vertical plane By providing 3 clicks make a vertical plane, ground, height and second point on the ground
⇧⌘C ⇧ Ctrl C Add cube Create a cube by providing 4 clicks
⇧⌘E ⇧ Ctrl E Add extruded polygon Create an extruded polygon, first click on the ground, second to define height, n clicks to generate the polygon
⇧⌘M ⇧ Ctrl M Add portal Just like a vertical plane but used for fitting the model
⇧⌘R ⇧ Ctrl R Remove element remove lines, vertex, polygons & portals
⇧X ⇧X Orthogonal lines Force to draw elements orthogonal with the axis defined in the pano
s s Snap tool While drawing a 3d object, extruded polygon, we can press S key to snap into the closest location so we make sure to correctly fit the 90º
⇧A ⇧A Set numerical value While creating the height vertex of a plane, cube, portal or extruded polygon you can numerically set the height of that point.
Also once the vertex is created by hovering mouse over the vertex and pressing the shortcode you can set the value again.
Finally that shortcode is also used to check the triangulation result of a polygon, to validate it's being corrctly calculated.


key Binding Command Description
⇧V ⇧V show vertical lines toggle the visibility of all the existent vertical lines, if new ones are create dthey will still be visible
⇧M ⇧M show 3d model show or hide the whole model
⇧P ⇧P show portals toggle the visibility of the portals
⇧R ⇧R show references toggle the visibility of the references
⇧Z ⇧Z show hotspots toggle the visibility of the hotspots
⇧H ⇧H show axis If the axis is defined it will be shown
⌥⇧X Alt ⇧X hide all Hide all previous elements
⌥⇧A Alt ⇧A show all Show all previous elements
⇧⌘ Space ⇧ Ctrl Space Reload pano Use that feature to reload the pano and recalculate elements visibility.
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